Soli für UFA Collective, Warschau

Das UFA Collective ist eine queerfeminsitische Gruppe in Warschau, die seit zwei Jahren einen Ort für verschiedenste Aktivitäten bietet und u.a. das queere Pomada-Festival mitorganisiert. Weil die Stadt Warschau sich zur Zeit weigert, vorher zugesagte gelder auszuzahlen, ist das UFA Collective akut räumungsbedroht und bittet daher um Spenden, Soli-Parties oder andere Unterstützung – mehr dazu in dem Brief unten. mit gutem Beispeil voran geht die Raumerweiterungshalle und die shut-up-and-speak Crew in Berlin:

Es erwartet euch ein Sommerabend voller Worte, sanft und schwer, berührend und lustig, heiß und frostig, politisch, emotional, wütend oder leicht …
Am 9. JULI in der RAUMERWEITERUNGSHALLE (Markgrafendamm 24c, nahe Ostkreuz)
Ab 18 Uhr gibts GRILLEN UND CHILLEN auf dem Wagenplatz nebenan (Markgrafendamm 24) mit Gartenflair und Drinks für einen guten Zweck. Bringt euch was vegan/vegetarisches zum Grillen mit! Ab 20.30 Uhr wird die spacige Raumerweiterungshalle zu einem verlängerten Wohnzimmer, in dem ihr einen Abend voller Spoken Word und Performances erleben könnt.

Und hier der Brief des UFA-Collectives aus Warschau:
We are writing to you, fellow activists in feminism, queer or LBTQ, because we need help! We, the UFA Collective, are a Polish group, based in Warsaw. We exist for two years now, bringing the most political, feminist, queer and anti-hierarchical ideas and actions to our beautiful city. We take decisions by discussion and consensus, the collective consists mainly of women, queers and trans people. We organize debates, film screenings, parties, big feminist and queer projects (see end of the letter). Right now we are in financial trouble and we are possibly facing eviction. So we turn to you for help: can you please hold a benefit party, or find some other way to help us? Every amount of money counts!
Why are we in trouble?
We have a place, that the city rents us. We mainly pay the rent from grants (we cannot hold benefit parties anymore as a result of our neighbours‘ protests). This year we were awarded a grant from the city of Warsaw for a project for women who are unemployed or aged 50+. In this project we will for example teach them how to use a computer, teach English, Wendo, and other useful, empowering things in the feminist spirit. Unfortunately the city, after promising us this grant, is delaying signing the contract = we are not getting the money. They are already late two months, and this is fatal for us: if we are any more late with rent and bills we can face eviction. The city says this is due to some formal obstacles, and they cannot speed it up. It would be immensely sad to see UFA, that means so much to so many of us, lose its place for such a reason.
How can you help and how we will thank you!

You can hold a benefit party, a concert, a breakfast – any amount of
money will help us!

In return you will find your name or name of your group on our website with a great big thank you, and You will be able to come to Pomada, alternative queer events that UFA willco-organize parallel to the Euro Pride this July!

*Our bank account:*

Our Bank’s name: BRE Bank SA
Our Account Number: PL 3 4 1 1 4 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 5 2 0 3 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 1
Bank address, city, state, postal code, country:
Ul. Królewska 14
00-065 Warsaw, Poland

Our foundation’s name and official address:
Fundacja Centra
ul. Dąbrowskiego 86 m 30
02-571 Warsaw, Poland

What we do?

Below is a list of workshops, festivals, discussions and other feminist, queer andanti-hierarchical events that have taken place in UFA:

The alternative queer festival called Pomada, that is going to take place in July is still open: if you want to come and do a workshop, give a concert or you just have some ideas, please write. „Ganc pomada“ is an old Polish phrase for „whatever“ and in our use – for „queer“:
Our place is also a meeting place for many groups. Right now there is:

- a group of 50+ women exploring the history of our district
- there are 4 theatre groups having rehearsals (schizophrenic
people theatre, a lesbian cabaret, an all-women feminist theatre group,
an alternative theatre)
- a food cooperative meets twice a week
- bicycle workshop group for women
- movie workshop group
- silkscreen printing workshop
- and a group of ladies who learn English.

If we loose our place all these groups will also lose their meeting place!
So please help!

Warsaw, Poland

Our website:
Our e-mail:
(write to us if you have any questions!)

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